PHILIPSBURG–A group of men from the Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) Church in Philipsburg decided to give back in a big way by volunteering their time and skills to residents in the community who lost their roofs or sustained major damage to their homes during Hurricane Irma.

Thanks to contributions from several non-governmental organizations and their Church, the group of five or sometimes 10 go to a home and work on it free of charge every Sunday. After the passing of Hurricane Irma in September last year, many were left roofless. The men in the church wanted to give back and assist those who cannot help themselves.

Member Daniel Gumbs told The Daily Herald on Friday that in October last year, the group decided to make time and go to a home every Sunday and work on the home if it needed repairs. He said they would look for the most affected homes, assist them free of charge and provide them with the materials free as well.

The men have repaired 13 homes and expect to continue throughout the year until there are no more materials.

“We do it because we want to help those who can’t help themselves. There are a lot of homes still damaged and they cannot afford to fix their roof. We are presently building an entire home from scratch.

“A woman lost her home and we committed ourselves to rebuilding the home and we are making progress. We are not only helping church members, we are helping everyone in need,” stated Gumbs on Friday.

He said some of the members go throughout the week and check for homes that need assistance. The home is then selected, and the men arrive at the home on a Sunday and begin work. At times, the men take the entire Sunday to repair a home.

Gumbs can be contacted via tel. 1-721-526-1640.