The Pelican Adventurer Club started in 1993 as an independent club. Before that the club was part of the Pioneer Pathfinder Club. The name was chosen because there were numerous pelicans to be seen diving into the Freshwater pond next to the church and it is also the national bird of St. Maarten.

MissionStatement: The acceptance of all children into our establishment wherein each child is helped to develop self-respect; to be caring; encouraged to work diligently to the best of his or her ability and to maintain safety in their community.

Vision: To ensure that every child becomes a fully fledged Seventh-day Adventist Christian reflecting the life of Christ.

Value Statement: Helping to build trust and respect among fellow Adventurers and church family; to develop, to create, to share, to work together.

With these statements in mind, we provide many activities that enhance the teaching of the curriculum and help the child to develop in all areas. We try to have one off-island trip every two years. Our visits depend on the success of our fund-raising efforts.

In 2011 the club recorded a five-song CD of original songs including the Pelican theme song.

“We are Pelican Adventurers, we are Pelican Adventurers, like a Pelican dives for fish, we delve into God’s Word, we are Pelican Adventurers.”  — Pelican theme song

The CD can be purchased from the club’s Director.

About the Adventure Club program

The Adventurer Clubs are sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) church with the main goal of helping children to develop a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ in a fun way suited to their age and stage of development.